CMB 365 Registration

NHS email address required for registration
1.The format of the NMC Pin is 99A9999A. The third and last digits are letters and all the others are numbers. 2. The GMC number can consist of 7 numeric or L + 6 numeric 3. The GPhC - This registration number for pharmacists is a 7 digit number starting with the number 2 4. This registration number for pharmacy technicians is a 7 digit number starting with the number 5. 5. This Healthcare professional council registration number has up to six numbers, and starts with the letters of the profession code. For example: PH123456 or PYL123456. If you do not know their registration number, then you can search only by profession and surname. [profession code] AS - Arts therapists BS - Biomedical scientists CH - Chiropodists/podiatrists CS - Clinical scientists DT - Dietitians HAD - Hearing aid dispensers ODP - Operating department practitioners OR - Orthoptists OT - Occupational therapists PA - Paramedics PH - Physiotherapists PYL - Practitioner psychologists PO - Prosthetists & orthotists RA - Radiographers SL - Speech & language therapists 6. For physician associates its just four numerical digits